CSI Church Campus, Ikkadu,
Tamil Nadu, India,PIN: 602021.

Telephone: +9144-27645272
Mobile: +91 944 4794 560
E-mail: contact@csiwesleychurchikkadu.org

Branch Churches


Ikkadu Kandigai
Website: CSI Bethel Church

2. CSI St John Church


3. CSI St Paul Church


4. CSI St Redeemer Church


5. CSI St Wesley Church


6. CSI New Jerusalem Church

Mel Chitathoor

7. CSI Church


About Our Pastorate

CSI WESLEY CHURCH,IKKADU is one of the oldest pastorate in Madras diocese, Church of South India and it consists of seven branch churches and three mission places under our church including JJ Nagar, New Venkatesapuram, Veeraaghavapuram.

In year 1984, Our church named as CSI Wesley Church, from the year 1875 mission work was started in Ikkadu by Methodist missionaries after lot of struggles by the local other community people. Missionaries dedicated their life and struggled in ikkadu and made this greatest mission place in South India.

In Wesleyan Mission History, Ikkadu was very important place where God chosen this mission field many years ago. They have not done only spiritual ministry but also they have given medical ministry, Industries, Education for the Poor people in Ikkadu. Thousand & thousands of people in and around Ikkadu got benefited by that.

Our pastorate committee consists of representatives from all branch churches and the local church members.

  • Rev M.James Vediah Ponraj, Presbyter In charge.
  • Mr. S.R Kennedy, P.C Secretary
  • Dr. M Lenin Chandru, P.C Treasurer

Above committee members are the responsible for the pastorate development activities and encouraging various fellowships in the church and branch churches.